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Media Kit


Attract New Business

Looking for a SUPER way to get your business noticed?

comicpalooza_tableCranium Comics gives you a unique way to reach out to the thousands of enthusiastic consumers who attend Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin, ComicPalooza in Houston, Comic-Con in San Diego, and more. Just place an ad in the next issue of Brawn™ or The Curse™ – publications produced by Cranium Comics. You’ll be part of an exciting action-series – PLUS you’ll be listed on our website and have your ad seen at various other trade events throughout the year!

Indie and self-published comics are hotter than ever

We help you:

  • Tie your business to a fun, cutting-edge medium
  • Connect with indie fans and loyal collectors
  • Support the local arts scene
  • Be a permanent part of a collectible edition that can remain visible for years
  • Reach a broad range of artists, crafters, DIY creators, hobbyists, writers

Connect to Local Markets

Austin is a special place and a burgeoning marketplace for indie entertainment. Be a part of this FAN-tastic scene!

Where you’ll be seen
Comics can pass through many hands, so the opportunities to be seen are endless.

Cranium Comics are available at:

  • Staple! Independent Media Expo, ComicPalooza, and other comic sponsored events
  • Online at, ComiXpress and Ka-blam
  • Dragon’s Lair, Austin Books, and other “indie-friendly” establishments

Retain Your Visibility

brawn_price_gridAdvertising Rates – Brawn™ Brawn is our premiere four-color comic that is currently on its fifth issue. The reaction from realtors and customers alike has been strong with favorable reviews on Ain’t It Cool News and Noob news. The more ads you commit to (2x, 3x), the bigger the discount.

curse_price_gridAdvertising Rates – The Curse™The Curse is our black and white publication currently in its second issue. We’re extremely excited with the art & story and have already been getting great reviews. As with Brawn, the more ads you commit to (2x, 3x) the bigger the discount.

Space is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. Lock your ad in for either one year (1X), two years (2X), or three years (3X) depending on your needs.

What the Rate Includes:

  • Your ad placed in the latest issue of our comic
  • Ads in any reprints of the comic shipped in the first year
  • Prominent sponsorship on the website with a link to your own site

The ad deadline is May 8, 2013. We need to receive the art by May 10, 2013 for our 5th publication in Brawn and the second issue of The Curse. We will reserve your spot just as soon as receive payment, so don’t delay!


Our ads appear toward the back of each book. The sizes range from half page, to full-page, and finally the back cover. As you can see in the example above, the artwork is in full color and is of professional quality (1). The second page of the spread illustrates two half-page ads (2) and (3). Both are equal spacing and size and have the text “Advertisement” above each. The third and final type of ad is the entire back page. This appears in full color for each of the publications and is the highest profile ad we offer.

Ad Sizes

Half-page: 6.25″ x 5″
Full page: 10″ x 6.5″
Back page: 10.25″ x 6.75″ (add .25″ for bleed)

Ads should be e-mailed to as a 300-dpi PDF (with fonts embedded) or a high-res jpg.