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The Story of Brawn

Sam Ross is the perpetrator in a nearly fatal drunk driving accident when he gets laid off from his job as a dock worker. He awakens to find himself in his apartment, but all is not what it should be. Burnishing a new metal arm & leg, his confusion about how he got them is overwhelming. With no sense to how long he has been unconscious, he struggles to make sense of it all. When he receives a mysterious phone call, he realizes he has no choice but to accept his fate. He wanders the city searching for both his creator and answers to the ethical dilemma of whether he’s responsible for the consequences of his actions. Until he finds one or the other, he has reluctantly accepted his powers and seeks only to purge his soul of its burden.

The images below are pages 3 and 13 from the first issue:

Brawn #1, Page 3

Brawn #1, Page 13

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