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A Comic Inspired by Real-World Heroics(0)

In a 24/7 news world where we’re bombarded with information every second, one comic company is trying to find meaning by focusing on the stories that resonate. We’ve all seen, read, and heard articles that seem to carry with them an importance that cannot be measured in a few sound bites or quotes. This is [...]

Yomicon Event Inspires Many Young Manga Fans(7)

Last Friday evening, my wife and I attended Yomicon, a small anime and manga convention put on by the Austin Public Library at the Spicewood Springs branch. As part of the Connected Youth program, Yomicon offered a plethora of things for kids to do ranging from free comic books and manga to costume design, workshops, [...]

5 Comic Shops in 1 Day – A Personal Account(4)

Admittedly, I haven’t been good about shopping for mainstream comics lately, but decided to test the waters again at five local comic shops around town. Free Comic Day provided the perfect opportunity to get out and explore. In addition to people like me who need to reconnect with their local merchant, it’s a great opportunity [...]