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ComicLife 3 (Beta) Impresses with Its Breadth of Features(0)

Recently, the fine folks at ComicLife offered me an opportunity to test drive the new version of their application, ComicLife 3. I’ve been using their product for years and have appreciated many of the aspects of it (see earlier review), but was really looking forward to seeing what sorts of improvements would be in this [...]

5 Comic Shops in 1 Day – A Personal Account(4)

Admittedly, I haven’t been good about shopping for mainstream comics lately, but decided to test the waters again at five local comic shops around town. Free Comic Day provided the perfect opportunity to get out and explore. In addition to people like me who need to reconnect with their local merchant, it’s a great opportunity [...]

An Exciting Day at Staple! 2009(0)

March seventh finally rolled around and I realized once again it was time. I gathered up all my Cranium Comics gear and made the 40 minute hike from my house in north Austin to the Monarch Auditorium near Highland Mall. It was good to be participating again, especially seeing how many new vendors had registered [...]

Interview with Brawn writer, Brandon Church(1)

Cranium sat down with part-time writer and comics enthusiast Brandon Church and asked him a few questions about the industry, his work, and the inspiration behind Brawn. Here’s what he had to say: What first drew you to wanting to write a graphic novel? BC: I started to really get into comics in junior high [...]

Austin Books Now Carries Brawn(4)

Austin Books and Comics now carries the limited edition printing of Brawn #1. Located on 5002 North Lamar Boulevard (Austin, TX 78751), they’ve been around since the late 70s and are accessible from 51st street, right near the intersection of Guadalupe and Lamar (just two blocks north of the Triangle). Austin books was chosen for [...]

Modern Indie Comic Publishing, Step-By-Step(14)

HOW CRANIUM COMICS CREATED BRAWN Step 1: Story and Sketches Putting together a comic begins with sketching out the sequence of events that will make up the bulk of the book. Before any of the artwork begins however, the story must be written and transferred into a workable script. In the case of Brawn, the [...]

Cranium at Staple!(4)

CRANIUM SET TO MAKE ITS DEBUT APPEARANCE Cranium Comics has officially signed on to attend the Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin this year. After enjoying the event as a spectator last year & meeting some fun and talented folks including the guys from Repercussion Comics, Zebra Green Productions, and many others, it’ll be a [...]

Brawn #1 on Sale(0)

THE FIRST ISSUE OF BRAWN IS NOW COMPLETE   Two weeks ago we received the final printers proof for Brawn #1. Woohoo! Now that some minor tweaks have been made I’m happy to announce that the first issue of the series is on its way from the print shop. This first edition is a limited [...]

Easy Rider, Cranium Style(0)

ONE FAN DECIDES THAT THE BEST PLACE FOR THE CRANIUM LOGO IS ON HIS BIKE   The art of adorning motorcycles with graphics and symbols has been around for generations. Heck, even Jack Nicholson had the old stars and stripes painted on the tank of his road hog in the movie Easy Rider. Well, it [...]

Cranium at Scott McCloud Signing(0)

  NOW THAT’S A MIGHTY FINE T-SHIRT IF YOU ASK ME Scott McCloud was at Austin Books recently promoting his book, Making Comics. As a fan, I thought it important to venture out to discuss with Scott some of the concepts from his book, where he sees the alt comic industry headed, and his opinion [...]