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Cranium will be at Staple!

We’re in the process of making our last, great push to Staple! Independent Media Expo happening Sunday March 3-4, 2012 in Austin at the Marchesa Hall and Theater near Highland Mall.

For those of you unfamiliar with Staple!, it’s an event put on ever year to “promote independent creative media: comics, art, animation, and self-published literature.” Cranium Comics has used this event for the past 5 years to premiere new issues of Brawn, which is on its 4th issue. We’re also using the event to showcase our new black and white title, The Curse. We’re really excited about both and think you will be too.

Doors open at 11am on Saturday, noon on Sunday. $10 for a one-day pass, or $15 for a two-day pass. Tickets can be bought at the door, but remember, it’s cash only, so make sure you hit an ATM before you get there.

Show your support for the small independents by stopping by. We’ll be located in theĀ Exhibit Hall, Booth 14. As is with every year, we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone out there!

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