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Cranium Affiliate Adds Products

Cranium has set up an affiliate shopping site that will allow customers to buy related non-Cranium merchandise through Using Amazon’s large breadth of content makes sense for several reasons. First and foremost, it gives folks browsing for similar products a chance to leverage some of Amazon’s best attributes including  free shipping, recommendations, Wish Lists, etcetera.  Although the easiest way to own Cranium Comics titles  such as Brawn™ and The Curse™ is still through local comic shops, having an affiliate helps extend Cranium’s reach to a broader audience. Products that get reviewed or mentioned on the Cranium Comics site are included, as well as others that seem to capture the excitement and whimsy of the company. “We’re hoping that we can parlay this into something meaningful for our fans” said Erin Cole, representative for the site. “We’re excited about the possibilities of driving more traffic to the site without having to buy Google Ad Words.”

While conventions such as Staple! Independent Media Expo and others have been the crux of Cranium’s sales for the past few years, the company is looking to branch out into other avenues. With the fourth issue of Brawn™ coming to completion soon, and an entirely new story ready to debut in March called The Curse™, their content offerings seem are peaking at just about the right time.

Products purchased from the Affiliate site can be shipped to any Amazon address or billed directly from credit card information on file, making it a powerful and flexible way to shop. By shopping through the site, the customer is contributing passively to Cranium Comics at no additional cost. This “win-win” helps the company stay afloat, covering such things as time, printing costs, and hosting. What are you waiting for?  Get out there and shop today!

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