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A Comic Inspired by Real-World Heroics

In a 24/7 news world where we’re bombarded with information every second, one comic company is trying to find meaning by focusing on the stories that resonate.

We’ve all seen, read, and heard articles that seem to carry with them an importance that cannot be measured in a few sound bites or quotes. This is something that has fascinated the creators of Cranium Comics, even before they started publishing. Take for example The Curse, a new comic being introduced at Staple! Independent Media Expo the first weekend in March. The title takes place in the middle-east and is heavily influenced by news and stories from both the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. As the reader walks through the character’s life, several key events happen that were influenced by dramatic and often heroic situations.

Sample Curse panelOne scene in particular in which infantry troops are pinned down in the foxhole is inspired by a true story that took place in the village of Ganjgal, Afghanistan. “While the scenario and places are pretty different, I liked the idea of a selfless hero taking it upon himself to save his comrades,” writer Anthony Rezendes explains. The story being referred to is the story of  Dakota Meyer who was spotlighted on 60 Minutes for his acts of Bravery in which he received the medal of honor.

“I knew I wanted to incorporate something like this into the story. The event had such a powerful impact on me that I felt the need to create that same sense of heroism in my character.”

The Curse starts out at the end – the last 52 seconds of the main character’s life. It’s a unique perspective that is told in flashback form in which we see pieces of his past manifest in simple moments that seem to carry the story along. Chapter titles including Birth, Struggle, Love, and Death provide the fence posts from which the story is hung as well as a mechanism to organize the action.

While war and terrorism are the overarching backdrops to the story, the message is one of compassion and tolerance. With so many comics focused on the classic hero archetype, The Curse finds its place as a more introspective and wandering tale. If you’re in Austin, be sure to stop by the Cranium Comics booth at Staple! and pick up a copy.


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