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About Us

Creating comics we’d want to read

Hi, my name is Anthony and I’m the owner of Cranium Comics. I started this business to publish a comic idea of a friend. It was an idea for an atypical and edgy “superhero.” Not having the time to illustrate the whole comic book as I had intended — I pulled together top talent from all over the globe and established a consistent visual language. The result was the first issue of Brawn.

Teaming up with people like you

The collaboration continued with other authors and artists leading to the release of Brawn 2. At this point I had an idea of my own and Curse was born. A continuation of the anti-hero theme, Curse is forced to question the effectiveness of his power. Does he have control over it or does it control him?

Come join the fun!

Cranium Comics wants to expand and grow. We are always eager to hear the ideas of other writers/authors/illustrators that share a similar aesthetic. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing your input/feedback.